Agrology (SUEZ) and CRR Segarra – Garrigues committed to digitalisation of agriculture


On March 29th last, Agrology (Grupo SUEZ) and the Canal Segarra – Garrigues General Community of Irrigators organised a seminar entitled “The Use of New Technologies and the Agro-food Industry”. The event was attended by a large number of farmers interested in the implementation of cutting edge technologies in crop cultivation.

The seminar enjoyed the participation of Mr Josep Maria Jové, President of the Canal Segarra – Garrigues General Community of Irrigators, who pointed out that the implementation of technology in irrigation is now a reality but that the application of new technologies was necessary. On behalf of the Navarro Institute of Agro-food Technologies and Infrastructure (INTIA), Mr Joaquín Garnica highlighted the installation of new irrigation technologies on plantations and the consequent reduction in costs achieved. The event also highlighted the Government of Navarra’s clear commitment to modernising irrigation infrastructure and systems to achieve greater yields for both large and small farmers.  

The seminar also featured two round table discussion sessions. The first was devoted to the main technologies used in agriculture, such as those offered by the llerspan, ASG and WISE, laboratories.

The objective of WISE technology is to create a suitable context, based on the collection of hydro-geological information, to favour decision-making in order to enhance production and thereby increase savings. This technology is now in operation in Murcia, Almeria and the Canary Islands.

The second round table discussion session featured the participation, amongst others, of Javier Borso, Director of Agriculture Markets at SUEZ Advanced Solutions Spain, who spoke about the Agrology market place solution and highlighted the company’s commitment to the digitalisation of the sector.

The main conclusions of the seminar were as follows: Available technologies must be applicable and be capable of transmitting information; the client must prescribe the solutions; and the role of the advisor is vital for farmers, given that planning is a key element in order to obtain better results.   

Agrology is an online platform for the digitalisation of resource management in crop cultivation, with the aim of increasing productivity of farms and efficiency in the use of resources. Agrology offers farmers the latest solutions and technologies at competitive prices. Agrology also has partners who cover all the needs of the sector and provides a virtual meeting point for farmers, consultants and suppliers.