Barack Obama to participate in Circular Economy and Innovation summit in Madrid

Madrid has been chosen by the Advanced Leadership Foundation as the venue for the third green economy summit. Subsequent to two successful editions of the event in Argentina, this is the first time the Foundation will hold the summit in Spain. On this occasion, the event will be called the Circular Economy and Innovation summit and it will bring together some of the leading global actors in the area of sustainability, science and economics.

Leading worldwide actors from areas of science, economics and sustainable development will attend the Circular Economy and Innovation summit. Over 1,000 Spanish participants from companies, community leaders, institutions and government will discuss the importance of this type of system for the economic and social development of the country.

The main goal of this summit is to train 300 new green opinion leaders from all over Spain about the benefits of the circular economy. These leaders will be selected by the Advanced Leadership Foundation, and will share with the invited speakers their vision on this economy model throughout the event. In addition, the skills they require to effectively communicate the importance of the circular economy in their own communities and areas of influence will be strengthened. Each leader will commit to giving at least ten public presentations to convey the values ​​of the circular economy during the next twelve months.

In one year, 3,000 conferences will have been given in Spain and they will become part of one of the most important networks in terms of sustainability in Ibero-America.