Ecoparque Gran Canaria Sur (Gran Canaria)



FCC Aqualia central, Inodoro

General and external data

The Juan Grande Environmental Complex, now called Ecoparque Gran Canaria Sur, was built in response to the need to upgrade the facilities that receive waste from the entire southern and south-eastern area of the island of Gran Canaria, in order to bring them into line with current legislation. The Ecoparque is located in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

General description of facilities and layout

The approximate location of the different facilities of which the Ecoparque is composed by the newly constructed facilities and upgraded existing facilities are described below.


The first building houses the offices of technical directors and administrative staff. The second building features separate changing rooms for male and female staff. The former medical room was converted into a staff restaurant and medical attention is now provided on the premises of the medical insurance company.

Weighing facility

The weighing system now includes two new scales, which are controlled simultaneously from a new control booth located between the two scales.

Environmental classroom

This room features new educational and informative panels, a new projection system and storage areas for materials. The health facilities for visitors have been refurbished and separate areas have been created for male and female visitors, and persons with reduced mobility.

Bulky waste shredding area

Prior to the upgrading work, the shredding of bulky waste was carried out in another part of the plant and with different machinery. The new bulky waste shredding area is located just beyond the weighing scales, meaning that external trucks arriving at the facility do not have to travel deep into the complex, which reduces interference with internal traffic.

A confined space was created for the storage of raw waste at a distance of less than 50 m from the entrance. A covered space was created to house the shredder and to store the shredded material for a brief period prior to transferring it to the landfill.

The shredder is loaded by means of an orange peel grab with a height-adjustable cab and the shredded material is handled by a front end loader with a large bucket capacity.

MSW rest fraction sorting plant

The mechanical treatment plant for the sorting and classification of commingled MSW was installed in a disused industrial building, which was extended and underwent intensive remodelling for the purpose. A new MSW reception pit was built, along with a building to cover it and to house the overhead cranes equipped with orange peel grabs that load the plant feed-in systems.

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Plant Report published in: FuturENVIRO March 2017