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  • Biomass essential to unchaining ourselves from fossil fuels
  • Better trained forest owners and more sustainable biomass amongst PEFC goals
  • Industrial and agricultural dryers
  • Biomass cogeneration plant


  • Cattle manure treatment and recovery plant (Navia, Asturias)Report-FuturEnviro-JulioAgosto2017-183


  • SIGAUS sustainability report
  • How to offer guarantees in waste electrical & electronic equipment (WEEE) management
  • Collective management systems
  • The circular economy: Collective commitment in the face of an ineludible challenge


  • Innovative, reliable waste collection
  • Innovative side-loading refuse collection truck


  • Maresme integrated waste recovery centre


  • WASTE4THINK: A project by, with and for people
  • URBANREC project


Cover Story

Aerzen RoadShow 2017 gets underway to showcase clean technology

Our RoadShow 2017, replete with clean technology, is about to commence. Aerzen belongs to the generation of green technology, technology that helps conserve the planet on which we live. Our after-sales service team will shortly be visiting your company to show you recent breakthroughs in the most efficient technology.


Thanks to the interest shown by our clients in Aerzen technologies, our after-sales service professionals, Juan José Villagrán and Jorge Sánchez, are once again primed to get the 2017 RoadShow underway, with a view to showcasing developments in the most efficient technology.

We bring Aerzen technology to companies

Because the most important thing is to know what users think, their preferences and needs, we go to companies in order to provide the best service. Personal and professional branding merge to become one.

Based on the experience of previous years, our professionals are ready to address any doubts users of Aerzen equipment might have with respect to operation and maintenance.

And what better example to demonstrate operation than the machines on board the RoadShow truck: the GM 10S blower and the Hybrid D 36S.

If you are interested in participating in our RoadShow 2017 and you would like more information, please contact us at or call us on +34 91 642 44 50.

Dates and places

On its route through Spain, our RoadShow 2017 will visit the following cities:

Stage I:

  • 18/09/17: Tarrasa.
  • 19/09/17: Olot.
  • 20/09/17: Lloret de Mar.
  • 21/09/17: Villanova de la Geltrú.
  • 22/09/17: Vilaseca.
  • 25/09/17: Zaragoza – Huesca.
  • 26/09/17: Teruel.

Stage II:

  • 27/09/17: Logroño.
  • 28/09/17: San Sebastián.
  • 29/09/17 and 02/10/17: Bilbao.
  • 03/10/17: Santander.
  • 04/10/17 and 05/10/17: Asturias.