The latest developments in Oman consolidate to Distromel in the Middle East

Distromel continues to implement solutions for the control of urban services in one of the areas of the fastest growing sector, Middle East. It is strengthened in the Asian market with the latest facilities in the areas of Ad Dhahirah and Al Buraimi, both regions in Oman. Oman, is a country located in the middle of the Arabian peninsula bordering the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia mainly, which is opting in the last privatizations of the urban services to incorporate control systems for these services.

SiGEUS management software, Urban ServicesManagement mobile applications, Touch Panel mounted in the truck cab and all systems that have been implemented in Spain since 1999, such as weighing and identification systems for containers by RFID, GPS fleet control and keypads of information among others, form the implantations in this country of 4.5 million inhabitants.




The companies that operate in this market are opting for reliable systems produced by companies with extensive experience in the sector such as the systems developed by Distromel. The objective is not only the control of daily tasks, with the siGEUS management software the service companies are able to plan, optimize and operate in a digital way, avoiding processes that make difficult the management of them. With the analysis of all the data obtained it is possible to design indicators for the planning of new and more efficient services.

With this implementation at the beginning of the year, Distromel can say that it is consolidating in the Middle East after several implantations in Oman and Bahrain through leading companies in the sector such as Veolia or Urbaser.