Repsol produces aviation biofuels in Tarragona

Repsol has produced a batch of biofuel, a sustainable fuel for aviation, at its industrial complex in Tarragona. This is the second batch of this type produced in Spain.

Royal Decree to improve end-of-life battery, accumulator, and WEEE management

The new legislation incorporates the reforms introduced in 2018 by EU Directives governing both waste streams, particularly the obligation to implement economic instruments for the application of the waste hierarchy in the management of this waste


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Al-Khobar 1, built by ACCIONA and owned by Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), is one of the biggest desalination plants in Saudi Arabia. It will provide a service to 350,000 people. ACCIONA has completed the commissioning phase for the plant and is now producing water beyond its nominal capacity. ACCIONA has...
Background The Loeches Environmental Recycling Complex (CMR) is located to the north of the municipality of Loeches, in the east of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The Complex will serve the 31 municipalities affiliated to the Mancomunidad del Este (Eastern Madrid Association of Municipal Councils). The Complex was built on a...


New heat exchanger software expands collaboration possibilities

Unlike other systems, AHED (Advanced Heat Exchanger Design) uses a combination of local cloud-based design...

Lindner’s Patented Twin-Shaft Cutting System Ensures Precision with Maximum Efficiency

The way a twin-shaft shredding unit works is fairly simple: two tools moving in opposite...

UNTHA’s new shredder transforms the co-processing capacity of Geocycle Argentina

    An UNTHA XR3000C mobil-e shredder is now in operation at Geocycle’s co-processing facility in Córdoba,...