An entire sector against eSIR

An entire sector against eSIR | Ion Olaeta, President of FER, member of the Board of Directors of EuRIC and Vice-president of the European Plastics Recycling Board (EPRB).

It is time we meet again at Aquatech Amsterdam

It is time we meet again at Aquatech Amsterdam


Reports y especials

Special Issue SMAGUA 2021 FuturENVIRO | WATER
Proyecto de saneamiento y depuración de la comarca agraria de Hervás (Cáceres)


UNTHA unveils new ZR two shaft shredder

UNTHA presenta la nueva trituradora de dos ejes ZR

Comparative Tables & Technical Guides (2021): Primary shredders; Eddy current & magnetic separators; Optical Sorters & Double-deck or elastic mesh flip-flop screens

Tablas comparativas y guías técnicas (2021): Pre-trituradores estacionarios y móviles; Separadores de corriente de Foucault y magnéticos; Separadores ópticos y Cribas de doble piso o malla elástica

Windrow composting with optimised mechanical and process engineering

The tried-and-tested Sutco “Wendelin - the new generation” composting system is now available in a...