European Waste4Think project for smart municipal waste management

With the objective of progressing towards the construction of more sustainable, eco-friendly cities, the European Waste4Think project kicked off in Bilbao this week. The project seeks to design intelligent solutions for municipal waste management through the use of information and communications technologies.

The project has a duration of three and a half years and a budget of €9 million. It is led by DeustoTech from the University of Deusto, which will be responsible for the design, management and planning of the initiative.

The main targets of Waste4Think are to reduce waste generation by 8%, to improve municipal waste sorting by 20% in order to facilitate reuse and recycling, to reduce waste management costs by 10% and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10%.

The project will centre around the validation of 20 highly innovative solutions in 4 European pilot studies. These solutions are associated with monitoring, real time data collection and processing, the creation of integrated IT tools, the launching of innovative campaigns to raise awareness, putting serious games into operation, the design of mobile apps, and the building of two pilot plants for the treatment of organic waste and nappies, with the ultimate aim of progressing towards the construction of smart cities within the framework of the circular economy.