Horizon 2020 in europe: cero plastics to landfill

residuos plasticos-plastics

The European plastics industry makes a significant contribution to the welfare ofsociety by facilitating innovation, creating quality of life for citizens and providing efficient use of resources. Therefore, in its commitment to the environment, the industry argues that disposing of used plastics in landfill is not a sustainable option for waste management, and that it reinforces the misperception that are material with little value once its useful life is finished. Recycling and energy recovery are key and complementary options to eliminate our country’s landfill.

In the European context, there are countries like Switzerland,Germany and Austria, leaders in waste management andenvironmental protection, where it is recovered almost 100% of plastic waste, where a significant industrial base has been generated, with modern and efficient infrastructurefor collecting and waste processing that save and leverage
resources, encouraging the creation of new jobs and adding value to society.

However, there are many other countries where most plastics waste end up in landfill. In Spain, for example, despite efforts to recycle (26%) and recovered energy (20%) of plastic waste, yet 54% goes to landfill.

Article published in: FuturENVIRO October 2013