3 million people benefit from Spanish Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation

Spanish Cooperation has a specific fund for water that finances 67 development programmes in 19 Latin American countries, with a total budget of €1.3 billion.

Spanish companies, institutions and society as a whole are internationally acknowledged for efficient water management. For ten years, Spanish Cooperation has been channelling this experience through the Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation, a tool without precedent in the sector. Through this fund, Spain has donated over €790 million to 67 development programmes in 19 Latin American and Caribbean countries. Added to the contributions of the beneficiaries, a total budget of €1.3 billion is available to benefit 3 million people suffering from poverty.


Addressing human rights to water and sanitation form a basic strategic pillar of the policies of Spanish Cooperation for development, because they are the basis for achieving a number of different  Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and human rights associated with health, education, food security, agriculture and energy. Therefore, they are also the basis for overcoming poverty and inequality.