5% increase in selective collection of paper/board, light packaging and glass in 2015


Selective collection of paper/board, light packaging (Tetra-Brik, cans, plastic bottles, etc.) and glass by the Consorcio para la Gestión de Residuos de Asturias (Waste Management Consortium of Asturias – Cogersa) increased by 5.05% en 2015 to an average of 45.97 kilograms per capita, compared to the 2014 figure of 43.76 per person.

In total, the people of Asturias separated 48,811,579 kilos of these waste types in the home and in the workplace, either depositing it in the 13,386 blue, yellow and green containers managed by Cogersa in cooperation with the municipal councils or in the bins of the door-to-door system in operation in the urban area of the municipality of Oviedo.

On arrival at the central Cogersa facilities in Serín, waste from the yellow and blue containers is processed in two plants, where it is sorted by material type prior to been sent to authorised managers for conversion into resources suitable for the manufacture of new products.

22,637.88 tonnes of paper and board and a further 10,476.29 tonnes of light packaging waste was processed at the centre in 2015. The glass collected in the green containers undergoes a far more simple process, consisting of storage and transfer to a loading and unloading yard for trucks. A total of 15,697.40 tonnes of glass was collected in this area in 2015.

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