56 nursery and primary schools participate in Ecopilas initiative to reforest areas of high biological value in Spain

La fundación Ecopilas reactiva la campaña de recogida de pilas que permitirá crear el ‘Bosque Ecopilas’ en San Fernando, Almadén, Murcia y Lanzarote

This academic year, a total of 56 nursery and primary schools will participate in the “Bosque Ecopilas” (Ecopilas Forest) initiative organised by the Ecopilas environmental foundation. Since 2018, this project has enabled the reforestation of areas of high biological value in Spain, whilst at the same time promoting the collection of batteries among school children. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, “Bosque Ecopilas” will take place once again this year in Murcia, San Fernando (Cádiz), Almadén (Ciudad Real) and Lanzarote.

The schools will have until mid-May to collect as many used batteries as possible in the containers distributed by Ecopilas. For each kilogram of batteries collected, the foundation will make a financial contribution to a reforestation project in the participating areas. The recovered areas will be known as “Ecopilas Forests”.

Broken down by region, this year’s initiative will involve more than 3,800 students from 16 schools in the city of Murcia. Seven schools with 1,968 students will take part in the municipality of San Fernando in Cádiz, while in Almadén eight schools with a total of 536 students will participate. In addition, 25 schools in Lanzarote have registered for the campaign.

The school in each region with the highest battery collection in proportion to number of pupils will participate in the planting campaign, which will take place at the most appropriate time to ensure the viability of the trees. As part of the initiative, Ecopilas will hold informative sessions in schools to raise awareness among schoolchildren of the importance of their collaboration in environmental protection. Over 6,000 domestic battery collection units will be distributed at these sessions.