83 tonnes of litter removed thanks to ‘1m2 por la naturaleza’

The LIBERA project, coordinated by SEO/BirdLife in collaboration with Ecoembes, has held the third edition of “1m2 por la naturaleza” (1plus2 for nature), the large-scale citizen clean-up to combat litter in nature. Almost 13,000 volunteers, 13,000 LIBERA Heroes, participated in the initiative and collected a total of 83 tonnes of waste from terrestrial, river and marine environments throughout all the provinces of Spain and the two autonomous cities. 11,000 tonnes of this total was collected from the seafloor by the Red de Vigilantes Marinos (Marine Watch Network), who collaborate in the LIBERA project.

Through the “1m2 por la naturaleza” campaign, LIBERA seeks to raise awareness in society of this environmental problem, in the form of a field initiative that highlights the impact of waste in natural spaces.

The clean-up campaign took place in over 450 natural spaces of great ecological value, thanks to the support of citizens, municipal councils and companies, who devoted a number of hours to cleaning the environment closest to them. Participating organisations included: the Aragon Speleology Federation, the Spanish Federation of Subaquatic Activities, the Fundación Oso Pardo, the University of Burgos and Burgos City Council, as well as private companies such as Axa and Biotherm.

And Her Majesty Queen Sofia, through her Foundation, once again demonstrated her support for the LIBERA project by participating in the clean-up of the Valmayor Reservoir (Madrid). This commitment to the environment is not limited exclusively to “1m2 por la naturaleza”. The Fundación Reina Sofía has also participated in citizen science initiatives, such as “1m2 por las playas y los mares” (1plus2 for the beaches and seas), as well as working with Alnitak on the study entitled ‘Todos por la mar-Tortugas Oceanógrafas’ (Everybody for the sea – Oceanographic Turtles), which analyses the effect of marine litter on turtles in the Balearic Islands. The Foundation has also worked in awareness campaigns with the recreational boating sector on the Spanish coast.