96.9% of Spaniards favour use of waste as alternative energy source

PlasticsEurope, the European association of plastic raw materials manufacturers has sought the opinion of Spaniards on waste treatment and management in Spain, in the form of a survey carried out by ENET Consulting. 1,000 residents of Spain participated in the poll. The results show that Spanish society understands that waste is a valuable resource that must be availed of to the utmost and preferably, within Spain. Amongst the different possible uses of waste, the survey shows that 96.9% of citizens are in favour of using waste as a source of alternative energy.

When assessing the different waste management options, there is a clear consensus against landfilling, with only 7.8% of those surveyed believing it to be a good option. Moreover, the figures show that Spaniards believe that waste is a valuable resource that should be availed of within Spain. Only 15.4% are in favour of sending waste to third countries for recycling.

In terms of preferred waste management options, recycling to manufacture new products is supported by almost all the participants (97%). Similarly, those surveyed were almost unanimous in supporting the use of waste to generate energy within Spain (96.3%).