Abengoa awarded water projects in Peru

Abengoa, the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors has been selected as a 50 % member of a consortium along with GyM, a part of the Graña y Montero Group, to develop a project that will improve the water service and storage capablilites of the metropolitan area of Lima, Peru. The project is valued at 52 million USD.

Abengoa will be responsible in part with the GyM SA consortium for the construction and subsequent commissioning of three new deposits along with the rehabilitation of eleven other deposits with a total capacity to hold more than 7,600 m3 of water. Additionally, the company will be responsible for the installation of 128 km of pipeline for potable water, 110 km of storage network, and more than 12,700 connections that will allow for over 80,000 people to access drinking water.

With these new projects, Abengoa will consolidate its position as a key player in the Peruvian wáter sector. The company has also developed initiative that have contributed to the improvement and update of the water infrastructure in the country through projects Pariachi and Manchay in Lima as well as the extension of drinking water in the Arequipa metropolitan area.