About Us

About Us

Since it was launched (June 2013), FuturENVIRO has become a benchmark publication for the dissemination of Projects, Technologies and Current Developments in the Environment Sector, with special emphasis on two sectors that are at the forefront of our publication: Water Management & Treatment and Waste Management & Treatment.

By adapting topics to keep up with the times, FuturENVIRO covers all subjects of interest in Water Management & Treatment, including all current developments in the areas of: urban and industrial wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, reuse and desalination. In the field of Waste Management & Treatment, FuturENVIRO readers can find the latest news on: recycling of all waste types (C&D Waste, paper & board, WEEE, ELV, ELT, scrap metal, plastic, glass, etc), bioenergy, energy recovery, landfills, etc., with the focus on both Spanish and international scenarios.

At FuturENVIRO, we also concentrate on new trends. The Smart City concept forms a major part of our coverage, particularly with respect to intelligent management of water (Smart Water) and waste, including sustainable collection and transport of MSW.

Our technical and opinion articles, market reports by technology and activity, together with our plant reports, are some of FuturENVIRO’s most important editorial proposals.

FuturENVIRO publishes 10 issues per year in a fully bilingual format (Spanish/English), with a print run of 7,000 copies. The digital version lands promptly in the email inboxes of more than 110,000 professionals worldwide, who read our magazine on their PCs, smartphones or tablets. FuturENVIRO can also be downloaded in PDF format.

The FuturENVIRO website provides the perfect complement to the printed magazine. Thanks to its carefully organised content, our readers can keep up-to-date with current sector developments, selecting all the content by topic: news, leading articles, reports and specialsevents, etc. Our readers also have access to a free library of all our published back copies, available to be read and/or downloaded.

We are actively present on the main social networking sites, a fact corroborated by the continuous increase in the number of our followers. A unique vehicle to maintain the closest and most active contact possible with the sector!!

To round off this spectrum of products and services, FuturENVIRO takes part in the key sector events: National and International Trade FairsCongresses and Technical Workshops. Wherever there is a meeting of environment (water and waste) experts and professionals, FuturENVIRO is present, offering advertisers the most comprehensive and specific distribution, with our finger on the pulse of current developments so that we can provide our readers with core news.

Clearly committed to internationalisation, FuturENVIRO now has an office in Mexico, which gives us close contact with the entire Latin American market as well as extending our distribution, which, since the day of our launch, has been gaining ground in these developing markets.

Internationalisationthe use of new technologies and direct contact with the sector, are our trademarks.

And all of this serves to support our slogan, which reflects our desire to be “a benchmark in this sector”, a slogan others are are now starting to copy.