ACCIONA Agua and PROMEDIO successfully conclude AQUA+ZAFRA project

The AQUA+Zafra project, undertaken by ACCIONA Agua in conjunction with the Environmental Management Consortium of the Badajoz Provincial Council (PROMEDIO) and the Municipal Council of Zafra, has successfully concluded, having kicked off at the beginning of last year. A total of 1,200 homes, accounting for around 12.5% of all water meters in the municipality, now benefit from smart management of the drinking water supply service, thanks to the installation of new meters boasting the technology required to transmit consumption readings to fixed telecommunications network equipment.
A highlight of the system is its capacity to integrate any type of meter, including meters with different operating featuress, different makes and models, and meters with different communication protocols. This flexibility will enable the integration of new water metering technologies in the future.

In addition, a new fixed telecommunications network has been installed in the Constitución-Príncipes water sector in order to record, amalgamate and transmit consumption data from meters.