ACCIONA Agua completes the structural assembly of the La Pradera pumping station in Ecuador

ACCIONA Agua has completed the work to assemble the structure of the main building of the La Pradera pumping station, which will form part of the future Las Esclusas waste water treatment plant in Guayaquil (Ecuador).

This precast concrete structure with pre-stressed girders has been completely designed and constructed in Ecuador. The structure will house the chamber in which the pumping and valve systems will be installed that capture the water from the wet well and then pump it to the waste water treatment station with a pumping capacity of 6.4 m3/s.

ACCIONA Agua has also finished construction of the wet well cover and the electrical and the control and operations buildings for the pumping station, meaning that the project is now 77% complete.

The new station is located on a three hectare site that will also include the necessary buildings for the electrical controls, the operations control system and additional services, as well as an odour control system on top of the pumping structure.

It will also have a new 69kV high-voltage power system, which includes a new electricity substation, an interconnecting line, a new operations yard and an emergency generator.

The works, which began in June 2017, have not affected the service provided by the existing pumping station, which will only be decommissioned when the new station is completely finished, operationally prepared and ready to replace it.

The Guayaquil Municipal Drinking Water and Sewerage Company awarded the contract to construct the La Pradera pumping station to ACCIONA Agua in 2017, as part of the system for the future Las Esclusas waste water treatment plant in Guayaquil (Ecuador).

The project has financing from the European Investment Bank and is being carried out by ACCIONA Agua under a turnkey format. It has a budget of US$26.5 million and is part of the Universal Sanitation and Sewerage programme that will affect one million people, one third of the total population of Ecuador’s largest urban area, between the central and southern areas of the city.