Acciona Agua has won the contract for the Melilla wastewater installations


Acciona Agua has been awarded the contract for the conservation, maintenance and operation of the purification plant, wastewater and rain water pumping stations and the other wastewater treatment plants of the city of Melilla. The two-year contract enters into force on 1 September 2014 and may be extended for a further two years. Acciona’s proposal represents a turnover of €3.6m and this amount could be increased to €7.2 million.

Among the dozen or so installations that make up the service are the WWTP Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) of the City of Melilla and the Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) of the Las Adelfas Reservoir.

The City of Melilla WWTP involves an annual flow of 7,890,500 m3 of which 3,060,000 m3 will be chlorinated during the swimming season and 119,300 m3 will be regenerated during its tertiary wastewater treatment phase by means of so-called hollow fibre ultrafiltration membranes with the aim of using it for watering the different public areas in the city and for hosing down the streets.

At the Las Adelfas Reservoir DWTP, classic water purification is combined with two reverse osmosis treatment systems with the aim of reducing the salinity of well water. Around 430,000 m3 per annum are expected to be treated at the DWTP and 2,500,000 m3 at the desalination plants. The Autonomous City of Melilla is usually supplied by water from its desalination plant providing these installations with an additional, secure supply.