ACCIONA Agua, the winner of two Distinction Awards in the Global Water Intelligence summit

ACCIONA Agua ha sido reconocida con dos Distiction Awards en los Premios Global Water Inteligence 2018, ACCIONA Agua has won two Distinction Awards, among the most important prizes in the sector, in the 2018 Global Water Intelligence summit. The prize giving ceremony took place on 16 April in Paris.

The two projects for which ACCIONA Agua has been recognised are the water desalination plants in Sarroch (Italy) and Umm Al Houl (Qatar).

Sarroch is a desalination plant for industrial use designed, constructed and operated by ACCIONA Agua for the refinery at Sarroch, near Cagliari (Sardinia). It can produce 12,000 m3 of demineralized water a day through ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis and electro-deionization (a continuous process through which ultra-pure water is obtained without the need for chemical products).

The plant, which covers around 1,260 square metres, is the biggest desalination plant in the Mediterranean for industrial use.

ACCIONA Agua incorporated solutions in its design and construction that minimized its environmental impact, installation costs and timescales, and improved the efficiency of the overall operation, reducing pressure losses and optimizing the energy cost, among other things.

ACCIONA Agua has also been recognised for the Umm Al Houl facility. This municipal desalination plant, located in Doha (Qatar), produces around 284,000 m3 of drinking water per day, supplying approximately 1.8 million people.  ACCIONA Agua has undertaken the design, construction and operation and maintenance of the plant.

The construction of this plant represents a major milestone in the desalination sector, as it is the first time that reverse osmosis technology has been used on a large scale in the country. Previously, only evaporation technology was used to desalinate the water.

Global Water Intelligence is the most prestigious international publication in the water market and the prizes it awards every year are the result of the opinions of over 14,000 sector professionals and experts, placing them among the most important awards in the water industry.