ACCIONA and its partners present the results of the Integroil european project

The aim of the project is to boost -through the incorporation of several technologies controlled by a Decision-Making Support System- the re-use of wastewater from oil and gas facilities, developing a technology that increases re-use by 50%. The results obtained show that it is feasible to apply the technology of the INTEGROIL project to oil plants, as well as extending this practice to other industries to comply with quality requirements for the re-use of water.

Together with its partners, ACCIONA presented the results of the European INTEGROIL Project during a seminar held in its head office in Madrid on 21 May.

The main objective of the project, which has a budget of over €5 M, financed by the H2020 programme of the European Union, is to promote the re-use of wastewater from oil installations by developing a technology that increases re-use by 50%. The current level is usually below 15%.

The solution proposed by ACCIONA and its partners consists of the incorporation of different technologies, among them dissolved air flotation, polymer and ceramic membrane filtering, advanced oxidation processes, reverse osmosis and the addition of chemicals that have a low environmental impact. The integrated solution is characterized by its robustness, efficiency and sustainability, qualities that are required to take on challenges such as the extreme variability of water or its complex composition.

During the seminar ACCIONA and its partners explained the different phases of the project over the last three years. The first was dedicated to the design and construction of a pilot plant that incorporates all the technologies, and the remaining time -in periods of 12 months- to testing in two different scenarios: the first representing conditions of crude oil extraction, the so-called “upstream scenario” in the desalination plant at La Tordera (Spain), and the second in the TÜPRAŞ refinery in Turkey, to demonstrate the “downstream” conditions.

The results obtained in both scenarios show that it is feasible to apply the technology of the INTEGROIL project to oil installations and extend this practice to other industries, fulfilling the quality requirements for the re-use of water for different purposes.

In terms of energy consumption, the current results oscillate around 3 kW/m3 although, as the project partners explained, work aimed at its reduction will continue.

The INTEGROIL project -coordinated by ACCIONA since 2016- is aligned with several of the priorities identified by the European Innovation Platform on Water (EIP Water), an initiative by the European Commission to promote the development of innovative solutions that contribute to solving the major challenges facing the water sector.

As well as ACCIONA, another 9 European entities from 7 countries are participating in the project, among them technology companies (LIKUID, APLICAT, Innotek21, BWA, REP), universities (URV), consultancies (2.-0 LCA Consultants), professional platforms (EDS) and oil sector companies (TÜPRAŞ). With the aim of evaluating the possibilities of the transfer and replicability of the solution, the project is supported by an advisory committee made up of experts from the oil sector and also from other vertical markets that experience problems in the treatment of complex water for later re-use.

Through projects such as INTEGROIL, ACCIONA contributes to strengthen its commitment to sustainability and care for the environment.