ACCIONA collaborating in a project to detect COVID-19 in Valencia wastewater

ACCIONA is working with the Valencia City Council and Global Omnium on the collection of samples from the city’s sewage network to facilitate detection of the potential presence of the coronavirus in the wastewater.

ACCIONA, the company responsible for the management of the sewage system in Valencia, is collaborating with the City Council and Global Omnium in sample-taking from wastewater.

The aim is to monitor infection trends and coronavirus transmission routes to enable pre-emptive measures to be taken in the event of a new outbreak.

24 control points have been established throughout the city for the purpose of carrying out this analysis.

ACCIONA, which has managed the sewage system in the city of Valencia for 25 years, has sectorized the network so that the entire system can be monitored and has also defined the location of the 24 control points.

A representative sample is taken from each control point three times per week, in such a way that it is always known what part of the city the results of the samples analysed correspond to.  

This analytical system enables detection of changes over time in the concentration of the genetic material of the virus in the wastewater at different points of the region, which provides important information on the prevalence of the virus and its progression.