Acciona inaugurates Bello WWTP in Medellin

The Bello WWTP in Medellin, the first wastewater treatment plant to be built by Acciona in Colombia, was inaugurated at the beginning of June. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Medellin, Federico Gutiérrez; the President of EPM (Empresas Públicas de Medellín), Jorge Londoño de la Cuesta; the Director of Construction, Daniel Lezama and plant construction Director, Francisco Flores.

The facility, which has a capacity of 432,000 m3/day, will initially serve over 3.5 M people.

The objective of the WWTP is to ensure that the river meets the dissolved oxygen parameters globally accepted as indicators of decontaminated rivers, thus enabling the recovery of riverbank spaces for recreation, as well as urban and landscaping developments.

The facility is expected to receive around 120 T/day of organic matter from the wastewater produced by industry, commerce and homes.

Acciona will operate the plant for a period of one year.