ACCIONA wins the WEX Global 2020 Prize in the ‘Innovation for Desalination’ category thanks to the DREAMER project.

The award acknowledges the most innovative project in the field of desalination. This recognition becomes particularly important due to the work done by ACCIONA to achieve the sixth sustainable development goal: Guarantee the availability of water, its sustainable management and sanitation for everyone.

This year the WEX Global 2020 Congress has focused on the circular economy and the development of technologies to promote sustainable development. ACCIONA has played a big part as sponsor of the event and as a participant on several panels.

Specifically, Pedro Miranda, Head of the International Desalination Department of ACCIONA, moderated one of the main sessions of the Congress: Desalination and the circular economy, in which leading companies from the water sector such as Schneider and Eri took part, among others.

These two concepts, which are key for the company, mean that ACCIONA has seen its progress in technologies for more efficient desalination rewarded with the Innovation for Desalination Prize for its DREAMER project.

The DREAMER project involves a novel concept of desalination aligned with the principles of the circular economy. It is also supported by the LIFE programme, the EU’s financial instrument for the Environment and Climate Action. In this sense, a desalination plant has also become a producer of resources in which nothing is wasted.

Phosphorous is extracted from seawater for later use in agriculture, the cleaning currents from pre-treatment and of the reverse osmosis membranes are concentrated to minimize final discharges, while calcium and magnesium are extracted and then reinjected in the remineralization phase. Finally, the discharge of brine is also minimized.

In a future in which water resources are a global problem, desalination has become part of the solution. Projects such as DREAMER, which achieve a completely sustainable desalination process, reducing energy cost and recovering elements that were previously discarded, will mark the horizon towards which the water sector is moving.

This award evidences this, allowing ACCIONA to consolidate itself as a leading company and a reference in the field of desalination.