AERaudit at the Alba de Tormes WWTP

Aerzen is the pioneering manufacturer of AERaudit, a system that controls the energy consumption of equipment and provides exact flow, pressure and temperature data to enable global equipment performance measurement. In this article, we invite you to travel to the Alba de Tormes WWTP and get to know Aerzen technology.

The Aerzen AERaudit device audits real consumption of the company’s Delta Blowers and checks the efficiency of its Delta Hybrid units. The aim is to control power parameters through an energy efficiency audit of the machines in your network and to monitor flow, pressure and temperature efficiency to enable global measurement of real equipment performance. All this data is channelled to a router and is available to both Aerzen and the equipment operator.

The device sends a great deal of data to the router and this data is shared on a web server, where the network and blower data is integrated to provide exact information on consumption performance. The data is available to both the user and Aerzen Ibérica and, based on this data, recommendations are given to achieve greater efficiency in terms of energy, process, and monitoring and control efficiency.

Because these measuring instruments feature certified calibration, any system error that might occur falls within a regulated tolerance.

The AERaudit has made Aerzen a pioneering manufacturer in Spain and Portugal. The company points out that they know of no other system capable of controlling as many blower parameters in order to determine the real performance losses of a piece of equipment. The AERaudit system for the enhancement and optimisation of equipment efficiency has been operating in Germany since 2016.

The system not only enables conventional blower systems to be audited. It also enables the performance of highefficiency machines, such as the Delta Hybrid or the Aerzen Turbo to be verified. The energy audit makes sense for any conventional blower model, but for high-performance blowers, such as the Delta Hybrid or Aerzen Turbo, it has a clear objective, not so much in terms of an energy audit as such, but in terms of corroborating that consumption parameters are as expected.

The AERaudit is recommended for the food processing, dairy products, soft drinks and paper industries, etc. In general, any industry featuring a high volume of aeration with heavy power consumption can benefit from auditing energy consumption and determining if all blower parameters are in accordance with expected values.

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Published in: FuturENVIRO #47 February 2018