AERZEN Technology in industrial wastewater treatment

The industrial sector and, more specifically, the food industry has always been considered a large consumer of natural resources. Water in particular is a vital element at different points of the production process. In this article, we look at successful case studies in which Aerzen has cooperated in wastewater treatment in the wine industry, at the Bodega Real de Nájera, and in the canning industry with Grupo Calvo.

Water is essential for a multitude of activities and the conservation of this public good requires ongoing efforts. Water is also a vital resource in industry, where its uses vary as much as the technologies used to process it, depending on the sector. Agro-food companies generally consume a lot of water and consumption is particularly high in the production process of the wine industry.

Wineries consume water in practically all production stages, mainly because of the cleaning required after each stage of the process. In order to design the wastewater treatment equipment for a winery, it is necessary to know the quantity and quality of the water to be treated.

Aerzen GM-7L units at the Bodega Real De Nájera (La Rioja)

Aerzen GM-7L technology is implemented for wastewater treatment at the Bodega Real De Nájera. The cleaning operations carried out in the different winemaking stages result in wastewater with a high organic content. The cleaning processes are distributed over the different stages as follows:

Grape harvesting preparation:

  • Cleaning and disinfection of equipment.
  • Cleaning of reception equipment: hoppers, destalkers, crushers, strainers and pumps.
  • Cleaning of floors, with or without cleaning

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