Aerzen technology reaches the depths of L’Aquàrium in Barcelona

What better way to celebrate World Water Day than with Aerzen Ibérica in the spectacular Oceanario del Aquàrium in Barcelona, Europe’s largest aquarium and the one with the largest number of species. With a diameter of 36 metres and a depth of 5 metres, it holds almost 4 million litres of water. It is home to diverse species, including: sea bream, moray eels, ocean sunfish, rays and two types of shark: the bull shark (Carcharias taurus) and the sandbar shark (Carcharhinus plúmbeos). But Aerzen technology reaches even the depths of the Aquàrium. We show you the commissioning of the new Delta Blower.


A large team of highly qualified professionals and cutting-edge technology enables the health and wellbeing of over 11,000 animals to be monitored. The temperature, salinity and quality of the water, the lighting and the recreation of the environment of each ecosystem has been worked on meticulously to enable all the inhabitants of the aquarium to be housed, and some of them are especially difficult to keep in captivity.

Around 6 million litres of seawater is needed to fill the 21 aquariums. This water is supplied by means of controlled extraction in wells arranged specifically for this purpose. In this way, a continuous flow is achieved, and a sophisticated water purification system is in place to enable operation in a “semi-closed” cycle.

This means that a continuous supply of external water is not required, because the water can be treated and recycled at our facilities. Only a small quantity of external water is supplied daily to compensate for losses due to evaporation and depletion of trace elements.

Purification and filtration are required for a number of reasons. When leftover food, along with the excrement of each organism (with a high ammonium content), is biologically degraded, secondary chemical compounds form (nitrites and nitrates), which are very harmful to the occupants of the aquarium and must be removed. Final sterilisation of the water is required as a biological prevention measure towards the exterior of L’Aquàrium.