Agbar will carry out complete water cycle management in Veracruz and Medellín de Hidalgo, Mexico

The business partnership formed by Odebrecht Ambiental SA and Interagbar de México SA (SUEZ Environnement group) has been awarded complete water cycle management of the conurbations of Veracruz and Medellín de Hidalgo (Mexico) for 30 years.

The drinking water, sewerage and wastewater treatment service will thus be offered in the form of a public-private partnership (PPP), formed 80% by the Odebrecht-Interagbar Consortium (SUEZ Environnement) and 20% by the public administration, including the former operating body SAS (2%), the municipality of Veracruz (9%) and the municipality of Medellín de Hidalgo (9%).

It will serve around 660,000 inhabitants from the municipalities of Veracruz and Medellín de Hidalgo, two cities on the east coast (400 kilometres from the capital Mexico City), which are home to the country’s main commercial port.