Aguas de Valencia to manage meter reading, and water and refuse invoicing in San Sebastián

The Grupo Aguas de Valencia, through its subsidiary Vanagua, has been chosen by the City Council of San Sebastián to manage meter reading, inspection and replacement, along with the invoicing of subscribers for water and refuse services.

This new contract has a duration of four years, with an option to extend it for a further two years. During this time, Vanagua will be responsible for providing the best water service to over 98,000 subscribers in the city. The awarding of this concession contract followed an arduous public procurement process, with tenders submitted by all leading companies in the sector. A key factor in the awarding of the contract, according to City Council sources was “the track record and professionalism demonstrated by Grupo Aguas de Valencia in a history spanning over 125 years”.

To begin invoicing work, it was necessary to install Grupo Aguas de Valencia’s SGA or Sistema de Gestión de Abonados (Subscriber Management System) in City Council offices , a complex process requiring technical coordination between the two parties. Several lines of work had to be undertaken to carry out this project successfully. The development and implementation of the ideal technology platform to resolve potential communications problems made it necessary to create connections between different City Council offices, Vanagua offices and the head offices of the Grupo Aguas de Valencia. All this had to be done with a guarantee of total security, confidentiality and data access. The parameterisation of the Subscriber Management System consisted of the creation of a series of codes to incorporate the registry of subscribers and subsequently carry out the reading and invoicing of each of them with the set-up created.

The software development and programming process also had to overcome a small obstacle: the Grupo Aguas de Valencia carries out the invoicing, and meter reading and replacement, while the City Council is responsible for everything related to changes in subscribers and direct debit payments. During this period, technical specialists from the Grupo Aguas de Valencia had to develop nocturnal data exchange protocols to ensure that data bases were consistent.