Aimplas presents its innovations in sustainable development at K Fair

Aimplas will once again have a booth at K Fair, held in Düsseldorf (Germany), where it will display its main technological developments in the circular economy, active and smart packaging, sustainable mobility, medicine and decarbonization of the economy.

The largest trade show in the plastics industry, K Fair will be held from 16 to 23 October 2019. Nearly 70 Spanish exhibiting companies will attend and occupy a total area of 3,400 m2. AIMPLAS has confirmed its participation to exhibit some of its innovations in sustainable development. Besides, on 17 October at 3 pm and framed within the Special Show organised by PlasticsEurope, Mapi Diego, a researcher of the Extrusion department of Aimplas, will talk about developments in compostable materials for food packaging. It will also participate in the Bioplastics Business Breakfast, organised by Bioplastics Magazine, where Luis Roca, head of the Compounding department of Aimplas, will talk about tailor-made PLA by reactive extrusion for packaging applications on 18 October at 11:45 am.

Most of the projects to be presented by the centre at Messe Düsseldorf will be on the circular economy. New sorting and treatment systems for waste of different origin (e.g. agri-food, packaging, bulky, automotive and PVC waste) so it can be recovered and used to generate new products and chemical compounds, thus reducing dependence on fossil sources.

Aimplas will also exhibit its new developments in active and smart packaging designed to keep food fresh and also preserve completely different products such as audiovisual heritage. This new packaging contains sensors, improved barrier properties, additives and absorbents to extend the contents’ shelf life.

The centre will also present projects on decarbonization of the economy, CO2 capture and storage for subsequent reuse as raw material, and range solutions for electric cars that will lead to real progress in sustainable mobility. This is the case of new air conditioning methods that are more efficient because they reduce power consumption and increase vehicle range.

In the area of human health and well-being, Aimplas will present some of its developments in new polymeric materials designed to prevent disease and improve diagnosis and treatment. Because these smart materials have the ability to change state, they can be used for tissue regeneration in maxillofacial surgery, oncology, nanomedicine and precision medicine. All these developments are designed to improve people’s health and quality of life.

Come and visit AIMPLAS in Hall 08A, Booth E-12-08.