Albufera e-Power gives second life to batteries to enable reuse in other applications


Albufera e-Power, a subsidiary of Albufera Energy Storage, is a pioneering company specialising in the development of aluminium-air batteries and the distribution of energy storage solutions. The company now proposes to apply the principles of the Circular Economy to the commercialisation of Li-ion batteries by offering second-life packs manufactured using end-of-life electric vehicle batteries.

Albufera e-Power, through its CELION y SELENE projects, envisages the use of second-life batteries in other electric mobility and smart city applications. Albufera e-Power technology enables the lifespan of these large, expensive batteries to be extended by between 10 and 15 years, thereby delaying recycling processes, whilst reducing the need for new raw materials extraction and the pollution associated with such processes. In this way, Albufera e-Power achieves a significant improvement in the value chain, enabling higher returns on investment in batteries and reducing costs to the end user by 50%.

One the one hand, second-life Li-ion batteries are commercialised subsequent to being used in electric vehicles. These batteries are reconditioned for use in other electric mobility applications and for the integration of renewables in smart cities (self-consumption, lighting, etc.). In addition, and along the same lines, Albufera e-Power is also working on the manufacture, recovery and recycling of primary Al-air batteries for defence applications, and Smart Grid sensor and signalling applications.

Eco-friendly batteries with better features at a lower cost.

This breakthrough by Albufera e-Power contributes to the Circular Economy, an economic, social and ecological philosophy which seeks to avail to the utmost of material and energy resources for the manufacture of products. The aim of the Circular Economy is to break through the barriers of the consumption-based economy and convince users of the benefits of acquiring goods and services in a sustainable manner.

At the company’s facilities in Ólvega (Soria, Spain), Albufera e-Power undertakes the collection, modification and distribution of batteries to enable them to be reused in other applications. Finally, when the battery ceases to be usable, Albufera e-Power assumes responsibility for recycling and returning the raw materials to production processes.