Algete II WWTP

The new Algete II WWTP provides a solution to growing demand arising from the urban development of the area.

The new sewer network is over 6 km in length and features diameters of 1000 and 1200 mm. It collects the wastewater from new industrial estates and residential areas and sends it to the new treatment plant.

The treatment process begins with pretreatment within a building, followed by primary settling. The primary settling tank can also operate as a stormwater tank. The NIPHO process patented by DRACE infraestructuras enables biological removal of nutrients.

The treated water is pumped to tertiary treatment in order to produce reclaimed water for use at the golf course and in the municipal irrigation network. Tertiary treatment consists of physicochemical treatment with lamella settling, cloth disk filters, UV disinfection and sodium hypochlorite dosing.

The sludge produced is thickened, dewatered and stored for dispatch. The facility also has a treatment process for supernatants, which ensures nutrient removal.

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Plant Report published in: FuturENVIRO June 2017