Allison Transmission showcases UROVESA K6-G truck at TECMA 2018

Specializing in industrial and military vehicles, UROVESA equipped its CNG-powered truck with Allison 3000 Series™ transmission for ideal performance from the alternative fuel.





Allison Transmission presented the UROVESA K6-G at the TECMA International Town Planning and Environment Exhibition, June 13-15. The K6-G truck is fitted with an Allison 3000 Series™ fully automatic transmission that enables its Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engine to experience more responsive acceleration than with a manual or automated manual transmission (AMTs).

The new K6-G is designed for applications including goods delivery, sanitation, street cleaning and sweeping, emergency services and garbage collection. The vehicle has a maximum GVW of 18 tonnes and a compact width (less than 2 metres).

Drivers from the municipal services sector regard Allison Automatics as ideal, and preferable to a manual or AMT.  “Above all, drivers appreciate the comfort and ergonomics. Driving in urban environments involves many stop-start duty cycles, which at the end of the day is exhausting with manual transmissions,” said Justo Sierra, CEO of UROVESA.

Allison transmissions are also very reliable and easy to use, which reduces the potential for driver error.  “These transmissions protect the engine and drivetrain. The great reliability of the transmission results in lower maintenance costs, meaning that productivity is higher throughout the vehicle lifecycle. Moreover, the compact dimensions of the truck enable it to operate and circulate in urban areas with narrow streets, carrying heavy equipment and loads, whilst complying with the most stringent environmental legislation thanks to an eco-friendly engine”, said Sierra.

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Looking to the future

The CNG engine, together with an Allison automatic transmission, provides an optimal combination of cutting-edge technologies in service vehicles. Allison Automatics are the preferred choice for natural gas trucks, which are more responsive thanks to Allison’s patented torque converter technology. It multiplies engine torque to significantly improve startability and launch, even on steep grades.

“On the one hand, you have clean technologies that comply with current and future environmental regulations for vehicles operating in urban environments. And, in addition, you have optimum ergonomics and low maintenance requirements married to efficiency,” said Sierra.

Two years ago, UROVESA opted for CNG as a cleaner and more sustainable fuel. It complies with the most stringent current and future emissions standards, and also reduces operating costs.

UROVESA anticipates that the municipal sector is moving inexorably towards a commitment to sustainability. “Cities have grown exponentially in size and population, creating a need for services previously not required. These new needs pose new challenges, and meeting these challenges often involves sustainable movement of people and goods”, concluded Sierra.


Allison and UROVESA achieve excellent results together

As Trond Johansen, Market Development Manager at Allison Transmission in Spain, explained during the exhibition: “Allison 3000 Series transmissions are designed for medium-weight commercial vehicles. They are manufactured to adapt to and operate in all types of conditions. They incorporate features such as Allison 5th Generation Electronic Controls for enhanced operation, and an optional integral retarder for improved braking and lower brake wear. Moreover, FuelSense® technology offers a set of enhanced features for even greater fuel optimisation”.

In 1989, UROVESA became the first company in Spain to fit both their civilian and military off-road vehicles with Allison automatic transmissions. “Since that time, we have manufactured over 7,000 vehicles with Allison automatic transmissions and I would have to say that it has been a resounding success in terms of customer feedback. And reliability has been optimal”.

Moreover, the addition of the retarder “avoids the need for continuous use of brakes, particularly on hills. This results in greater comfort and enhanced safety”, adds Sierra. “I fully recommend Allison Transmission. It is a global benchmark in industrial automatic transmissions, and the quality and reliability has been more than demonstrated”.
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