Almar Water Solutions has signed an agreement with the digital transformation company Datakorum to become a shareholder. This new collaboration is part of Almar Water Solutions’ wider strategy to provide innovative digital technology solutions to the water sector, complementing its Industry & Technology division.

Datakorum is a company that provides comprehensive digitization solutions through its proprietary technological ecosystem. They develop everything from sensor and communications hardware to a Smart Cloud Platform and user applications, to simplify the process of acquiring data from infrastructure for visualization by decision makers. Some of the sectors that Datakorum works with include water, Smart Cities, energy and the environment.

Data is vital in all types of companies, and Almar Water Solutions is working to strategically position itself in the water technology business. Datakorum’s solutions will offer the company’s customers a high level of security and data protection, in addition to capacity and flexibility. The digitization of plants will also enable fast and efficient management, reduce losses and costs, improve service, ensure water quality and guarantee sustainability.

Rodrigo Segovia, Chief Technology Officer of Almar Water Solutions and Director of the Industry and Technology division, after signing the agreement, commented: We live in a connected and digitized world. The same is true in the water sector. At Almar Water Solutions, we want to be on the cutting edge of the latest technologies that make it possible to provideoptimal and reliable service in the management of water infrastructure. With Datakorum, we are taking this a step further by providing solutions related to data acquisition, analysis, and cloud storage”.

Guillermo Escobar, Founder and General Manager of Datakorum, noted: We were looking for a partner that understood both our vision as well as the enormous opportunity found in the digital transformation of infrastructure and efficient water-supply management. Almar Water Solutions understood our value proposition from the very beginning and is the perfect partner to complete our service offering and accelerate our international expansion”.

With ground-breaking proprietary technology in digitization, Datakorum will provide a competitive advantage in Almar Water Solutions’ processes to tender, design, build and operate large-scale water infrastructures. Cloud-connected products will make real-time data available for decision-making anywhere in the world, streamlining processes and management.