AMBILAMP updates its interactive map of lightbulb recycling points in Spain

The map shows the location of over 35,000 collection points for the recycling of used fluorescent tubes and lightbulbs. The AMBILAMP network has been updated in the last year to facilitate recycling and 4,500 new collection points have been created.

AMBILAMP, the Spanish Association for the Recycling of Lighting Products, has updated its interactive map, which allows citizens to locate the nearest recycling point where they can take their used lightbulbs and fluorescent tubes.

The aim of the map is to make recycling easier for citizens by indicating which of the more than 35,000 collection points in Spain is closest to their homes. The collection points where citizens can go to recycle their used products are located at all establishments where bulbs and fluorescent tubes can be purchased.

This initiative is associated with AMBILAMP’s goal to make the public aware of its used lighting containers and promote their use. Recycling end-of-life lamps and light fittings allows us to recover raw materials and close the lifecycle loop. AMBILAMPoffers a sustainable end-of-life solution for this equipment, in accordance with the recovery and recycling targets set out in legislation.