AMBILAMP presents AMBIPLACE, a new project to prevent waste production

AMBILAMP takes another step towards preventing waste production. Since its creation, AMBILAMP actions within the collective systems have been aimed at the first three levels of the waste hierarchy, particularly recycling, with a view to minimising both energy recovery and landfilling.

Spain is the only country in Europe to establish legal targets governing reuse. The inverted pyramid of the waste hierarchy sets a bottom-to-top pattern to indicate optimum waste management options. The actions currently being taken seek to strengthen the fourth level, i.e., reuse. AMBIPLACE is a marketplace that allows producers to offer non-profit organisations discontinued products that are in perfect condition.

Outlet to offer excess stock to non-profit organisations

All producers in Spain update their product stock periodically, be it due to changes of range or for other reasons such as an accumulation of products returned by customers. These companies often find themselves with excess stock, which is frequently sent for recycling, sometimes in small quantities but in other cases in quantities that exceed the number of units sent directly for recycling.

First AMBIPLACE actions: delivery of over 25,000 energy-saving bulbs and LED lights

AMBIPLACE offers producers guarantees on the correct use and destination of products donated by carrying out preliminary selection and accreditation of non-profit organisations. While the producer decides the organisation to which it will donate its products, AMBIPLACE guarantees receiving organisations that the products are energy-efficient and in perfect working order.

In the initial pilot tests, over 25.000 energy-saving bulbs and LED lights have been donated and it is expected that in the coming months, with AMBIPLACE fully operative, these donations will be much larger.