ANARPLA organises 1st National Plastics Recycling Congress in Madrid

ANARPLA organiza en Madrid el I Congreso Nacional de Reciclado de Plásticos

On 17 May, Madrid will host the 1st National Plastics Recycling Congress, organised by the Spanish National Association of Plastic Recyclers (ANARPLA). With the theme “Secondary Raw Material Producers and the Circular Economy”, the first event of its kind to be held in Spain will analyse and debate key issues for the sector. The congress will bring together the leading Spanish and European experts in the field and 250 key players throughout the value chain.

“With the advent of the European Green Deal, the goal of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050 and post-pandemic economic recovery based on the green economy and digital transition, the European Union must accelerate the transition to a circular economy, based on the maximum use of available natural resources,” explains David Eslava, President of ANARPLA.

“The forthcoming legislation will force waste managers to make an unprecedented adaptation, in which end-of-waste status and the creation of a secondary raw materials market will turn plastic recyclers into true producers of sustainable raw materials. Replacing virgin plastic with recycled plastic will reduce CO2 emissions by millions of tonnes,” he adds.

 Moreover, in the current situation, characterised by market bottlenecks due to the lack of supply of raw materials following the coronavirus and a considerable increase in demand for recycled materials, “plastic, an essential material for industrial production and the manufacture of consumer goods, will be key to measuring the speed at which Europe moves towards this new economic paradigm, due to the intrinsic properties that give it strategic importance as a secondary raw material,” points out Eslava.