“Another End is Possible” collects over 27,000 kg of e-waste in Malaga

The “Another End is Possible” campaign for solidarity in recycling will continue until the month of June in the city of Malaga. Thus far, the project has enabled the collection of 27,165 kilograms of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), well above the expectations of organisers. Thanks to the commitment of the people of Malaga to the initiative, a donation of what estimates suggest will be a maximum of 25,000 euro will be made to fund the social projects of the charity organisation Cáritas Diocesana de Málaga in the city.

The campaign in Malaga is promoted by the ECOTIC foundation and the Programa de Concienciación Municipal Málaga, cómo te quiero!?, organised by the Department of Environmental Sustainability of the Malaga City Council. The initiative was carried out with the cooperation of EMMA Medioambiental Andaluza and the RconArte project. This latter project seeks to achieve environmental awareness and social integration by means of artistic recycling.

The ECOTIC Foundation has been running the “Another End is Possible” project for a numOtroFinalEsPosible-Málaga-CartelCuadradober of years in Autonomous Communities and towns. The main objective of the initiative is to create awareness amongst citizens of the importance of WEEE recycling for the purpose of converting waste into new raw materials, thereby preventing its potential negative environmental impact and the depletion of finite and increasingly scarce natural resources.