Aqualia is awarded with its first urban water concession contracts in Latin America through two operations in Colombia

The company has closed two operations in Colombia at the same time, in which it will supply water to more than 450,000 inhabitants in 13 cities and towns. These contracts are for the acquisition of twelve concessions from three Colombian companies in the department of Córdoba and a public tender process, in which the company was awarded with the Villa del Rosario concession contract of the metropolitan area of Cúcuta. The projects are worth over €400 million.

With these two operations executed in parallel by Aqualia in Colombia, the company was awarded with its first concession contracts for the management of the comprehensive urban water cycle in Latin America. In this way, the company will provide its services to more than 450,000 citizens in 13 Colombian towns and cities.

Moreover, Aqualia has closed the acquisition of 12 management concession contracts for the comprehensive water cycle in other towns and cities in the department of Córdoba, Caribbean region, north of Colombia. These concession contracts have been acquired from three companies of the same business group: Aguas del Sinú, which manages the service in seven towns and cities (Santa Cruz de Lorica, Chima, Momil, Purísima, Tuchín, San Antero and San Andrés de Sotavento); Uniaguas, which operates the services in five other locations (Cereté, Ciénaga de Oro, Sahagún and San Carlos); and OPSA, which until now provided its services in Planeta Rica. Therefore, Aqualia will provide its services to more than 360,000 inhabitants in this department. The portfolio value of the project is worth €323.7 million.

In parallel, Aqualia has become the successful bidder of the public tender for the concession in Villa del Rosario, metropolitan area of Cúcuta. The project, with a portfolio value of €87.5 million, includes the operation, expansion, restoration, maintenance and commercial management of the city’s public water and sewage infrastructure, where the company will provide its services to 97,000 inhabitants. This tender includes the design and construction of a new 7- kilometre long raw water pipeline, the installation of macrometers at the outlet of the current plant, as well as the design of a new treatment plant with a capacity of 100 litres per second, in addition to important works for upgrading, expanding and replacing the aqueduct and sewer networks.

With these 13 new concession in Colombia, Aqualia has been awarded with its first contracts for the management of the comprehensive water cycle in Latin America, an area in which it has already developed several projects for the design, construction and operation of treatment, purification and desalination plants.

Presence in Latin America

Aqualia is executing the final phase of the project for the design, construction and operation of the El Salitre treatment plant in Bogota (Colombia). After its completion, the plant will process a flow rate of more than 600,000 cubic meters of water per day (m3/day) and will provide its services to 3 million people in Colombia’s capital.

The company became the successful bidder for the design, equipment supply, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the Guaymas desalination plant (Mexico), in the Mexican state of Sonora, for a total of 20 years. The new facility, currently being executed, will provide its services to about 100,000 inhabitants.

Aqualia has been responsible for the operation and maintenance of the entire El Realito aqueduct system since 2015 in Mexico, responsible for channelling and treating the water from the El Realito dam (north of the Mexican state of Guanajuato) to the metropolitan area of San Luis Potosí (state capital). Previously, the company participated in the Aqueduct II System, which supplies water to 700,000 people in the state of Querétaro.

In addition, a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) was opened in Ambato (Ecuador) last week, providing its services to over 220,000 inhabitants. The project involves expanding the city’s wastewater treatment coverage, which was less than 5% until now. As a consequence, the treatment plant will improve the sanitary conditions for the population, in addition to preserving the quality of water resources and enhancing the economic and social development of the region.

Currently, Aqualia provides its services in five Latin American countries: Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and Ecuador.