Aquarating: a system for the improvement of water and sanitation services

Aquarating: un sistema para mejorar servicios de agua y saneamiento

Jointly developed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the International Water Association (IWA), AquaRating fills a gap in the market by establishing the international standard for assessing water and sanitation services provision. AquaRating offers a comprehensive, impartial and reliable evaluation of the performance and management practices of utilities.

AquaRating assesses water and sanitation services providers according to three dimensions: performance indicators, best practices and information quality. The rating system gives a detailed evaluation of 112 elements across eight key areas and validates information through an independent auditing process, enabling accountability and transparency efforts.

IDB has licensed AquaRating to the IWA to set up the first rating agency for water and sanitation services providers. The rating system has already been piloted in thirteen utilities in nine countries in Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean. A worldwide market introduction is planned for this year.

Granting people access to quality water and sanitation services, ensuring at the same time the sustainability of the water resource, is a basic condition for human development. In particular, it is a fundamental element for fighting poverty, disease, and the lack of progress opportunities for children, women and men. And, in this sense, water and sanitation providers have a responsibility and a direct commitment to achieving these goals.

In many parts of the world, utilities struggle to satisfy the increasing demand for services and improved performance in a context of urbanization, higher pressure on water resources and limited financial capacity. Having well-managed utilities is key for the quality of life of families, attracting businesses, and protecting the environment.

Article published in: FuturENVIRO April 2015