ARC awards 1.6 million euro to 77 local entities for use of recycled aggregates

Arising from applications made in 2018, the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) has ratified the provision of 1.6 million euro in grant aid to 77 local entities that promote the use of aggregates recycled from construction and demolition waste in new construction works. These recycled aggregates carry the CE certification mark. The grant aid is funded by construction waste management charges. The majority of beneficiary entities are based in the district of Lleida (38), with aid of 948,458 euro; followed by entities from Girona (16), who will receive 334,379 euro; Barcelona (11), with 171,177 euro; Tierras del Ebro (10), with 195,174 euro; and Tarragona (2), accounting for 9,454 euros. This grant aid will enable the management and re-insertion in the marketplace of a total of over 156,000 cubic metres of recycled aggregates, most of which will be used for road improvement.

The recycled aggregates consist of inorganic material previously used in construction that has undergone treatment by an authorised management company. The reuse of this material is in accordance with the principles of the circular economy in that it reduces the need for the extraction of resources, with consequent savings and environmental benefits.

Catalonia has 71 recycled aggregates production plants; 27 construction waste material recovery facilities; 6 transfer plants; and a network of 56 controlled landfills for waste of this type.