Asturias to have new rest fraction sorting facility and SRF plant by 2023

On Friday last, the Regional Minister of Infrastructure, Territorial Planning and Environment of the Principality of Asturias, Fernando Lastra, chaired a Cogersa board meeting in which it was agreed to award a contract for the design and construction of a Municipal Solid Waste sorting plant.

The waste treatment plant will have the objective of availing to the utmost of all fractions treated (paper & board, glass, plastics, etc.) and producing solid recovered fuel (SRF) from the reject of the process. The organic fraction will also be composted to obtain bio-stabilised material.

The technology implemented will be “Mechanical Biological Treatment”, as defined in European Commission Implementation Decision (EU) 2018/1147. In this process, mechanical treatment takes place prior to biological treatment. In the first stage, waste received at the facility will be sorted mechanically by means of a screening machine, in order to separate reusable materials from the organic fraction.

The reusable materials fraction will undergo a sorting process involving optical and magnetic sorting equipment, and different, manually supported, screens to obtain over 75,000 tonnes of recovered material (paper, plastics, metals, glass, etc.).  The organic fraction will undergo a biological fermentation process with forced aeration, followed by maturation in order to obtain a bio-stabilised material suitable for soil enhancement purposes.

The unrecoverable fractions will be sent to the SRF plant to produce fuel that can be used in different industrial processes. The plant will use some of the bio-dried organic fraction to produce bio-stabilised material (up to 28,305 t), while the remainder will be used to produce SRF.

The facility will have the capacity to manage 300,000 t/annum of domestic waste (expandable to 340,000 t), 25,000 tonnes of bulky waste (furniture, etc.) and 50,000 tonnes of non-hazardous industrial waste. For the latter two waste types, the process will consist only of mechanical recovery and SRF production.