Automation through sensor technology at ambilital msw management centre in portugal

The Ambilital MSW management centre has acquired 4 TITECH units, featuring the latest sensor-based infrared, visible spectrum and X-ray sorting technology, for the automation of its waste and packaging treatment lines. With this equipment, the company can process 240 t/ day of MSW and 28 t/day of packaging waste to obtain compost with a purity of over 90%. 240 t/day of MSW and 28 t/day of packaging to be processed, both in daily shifts of 7 hours.

Technical breakthroughs for enhanced waste management Ambilital is one of Portugal’s leading municipal waste companies. Since 2001, it has invested around €19 million to promote territorial development, job creation and the provision of ecofriendly alternatives to disposal in controlled landfills. This investment has enabled increased by-product recovery rates at MSW treatment facilities, whilst also enabling the treatment of other waste types, such as construction and demolition waste (CDW).

Ambilital is currently working on compliance with the Strategic Plan for Municipal Solid Waste (PERSU II) with respect to diversification of technical solutions and treatment facilities for MSW. The company is particularly focusing on compliance with guidelines related to fractions that have potential for the production of refuse derived fuels (RDF). Configuration of TITECH equipment at Ambilital

Article published in: FuturENVIRO October 2013