Autonomous Community of Madrid to reach consensus on Waste Management Strategy 2017-2024

The Regional Government of Madrid will seek a consensus with all the parliamentary groups and relevant actors on the new Sustainable Waste Management Strategy of the Autonomous Community of Madrid 2017-2024, according to the Regional Minister of the Environment, Local Administration and Territorial Planning, Jaime González Taboada. The announcement was made at the inauguration of the first day of debate on the strategy organised by the regional ministry. At the event, a draft of the waste management strategy was presented to almost 100 mayors, representatives of local council waste management associations, waste management professionals, experts from consumer organisations, environmental groups and companies.

The strategy will be implemented from the beginning of 2017 and must be in line with the European Union’s “zero waste” target. The draft stresses the importance of making progress in sustainable waste management and availing to the utmost of the resources contained in waste so that they can be reintroduced into the production process, in line with the concept of the circular economy.