In recent years, the fields of energy and biofuels have undergone changes in terms of policy, consumer expectations and the environment. These changes have transformed the industry and obliged companies to adapt. In line with the company’s ongoing contribution to environmental sustainability, Abengoa has responded to these changes with great flexibility and speed in the form of innovative technological developments.

Abengoa boasts a unique position within the industry thanks to three decades of experience in the operation of sustainable biofuel production facilities in the world’s three largest markets: the USA, Europe and Brazil. A leader in technological innovation, the company is continuously broadening its activity base and diversifying its bio-product portfolio. In order to create new bio-products, which are emerging as the main alternative in terms of reducing global dependency on oil, proprietary technology must first be developed.

Abengoa is currently focusing on research into the development of biofuels using lignocellulosic materials, whilst achieving improved performance and sustainability. The aim is to satisfy market demands and ensure a sustainable, clean environment. Additional benefits of the use of biofuels include reduced dependency on fossil fuels for cars, air travel and the petrochemical industry, whilst contributing to the diversification and security of energy supply.

Strategic geographic presence

Abengoa has strategically distributed its biofuel production plants in fifteen locations and these plants will continue to play an important role in the current and future growth of the company. In fact, Abengoa is the only company worldwide to have a presence in the world’s three largest bioethanol markets: Europe, the USA and Brazil.

Abengoa has six production plants in Europe, with a total capacity of 1,500 ML. Three of these bioethanol plants are located in Spain: Cartagena (Murcia), La Coruña (Galicia) and Salamanca. These three facilities have a total production capacity of 546 ML per annum.

Also in Spain, the company operates a biodiesel production plant with an annual installed capacity of 225 ML in San Roque (Cadiz). Abengoa has an installed production capacity of 250 ML per annum in Lacq, France.

The sixth plant, located in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, has an installed capacity of 480 ML, making it Europe’s largest bioethanol production plant.

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