Bright Biomethane has built a 1,000 Nm3/h biogas upgrading installation at the largest wastewater treatment plant in the Netherlands, one of the largest in Europe, situated in Den Hoorn. This versatile installation makes use of an innovative pretreatment system which delivers biogas to several processing systems – the biogas upgrading system, existing CHP and boiler, interchangeably or at the same time. The renewable gas produced is supplied to the transport sector.


Operational management and maintenance of the Harnaschpolder Wastewater Treatment Plant in Den Hoorn is carried out by Delfluent Services B.V. on behalf of the Delfland Water Authority. At this WWTP, approximately 6.5 million Nm3 of biogas per year is produced from sludge digestion.

The biogas produced consists of around 60% methane and is not immediately suitable for gas grid injection. Bright Biomethane’s biogas upgrading system ensures that the biogas is upgraded to renewable gas, also known as biomethane. Around 4.5 million Nm3 of renewable lowcalorific gas (L-gas) with natural gas quality will be injected annually into the gas network of network manager Westland

Infra, and supplied to the transport sector, accounting for around 30 million km of road transport per year. In the future, the biogas upgrading installation can easily be adapted to enable the production of high-calorific gas (H-gas).

Published in: Nº62 FuturENVIRO July 2019