First Cantabrian biomass plant in operation


The Reocin biomass plant (Cantabria), which went into operation in the fourth quarter of 2012, was inaugurated at a ceremony held on May 31st of this year. The plant developer is Biomasa de Cantabria (a company wholly owned by the Armando Álvarez Group).

This is the first plant of its type in Cantabria and the only biomass project of this nature to be included in the Regional Energy Plan.
The main supplier of biomass is Álvarez Forestal, a company engaged in the sustainable management of 3,000 ha. of proprietary woodlands, mainly planted with eucalyptus to supply the paper and pulp industry. Álverez Forestal’s production activity generates waste such as treetops, bark and other wood waste, which is packed in bundles for transfer to the shredding and storage plant located alongside the Reocin Industrial Estate, where the power plant is situated. Until the plant went into operation, there was no use for these waste bundles. They were periodically burned in a controlled manner but without energy recovery of any kind.

The importance of the Reocin biomass plant project resides not only in the generation of renewable electrical power but also in the use of biomass waste generated by the activities of Álvarez Forestal in the area, which guarantees the supply of fuel. Moreover, the forests are cleared and made ready for the replacement of the trees removed, thereby reducing the risk of fire.