Brazil. GE treats 360 litres of wastewater in just one second

Brasil. GE en sólo un segundo trata 360 litros de aguas residuales

Where others see refuse, we see energy. Where others see wastewater from the sewers, we see treated water ready for reuse. Through alliances such as that established by GE with Sanasa (Sociedad de Abastecimiento de Agua y Saneamiento S.A.) in Campinas, a city in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, GE Power & Water implements solutions to ensure that wastewater treatment processes are increasingly efficient and have a lower environmental impact. Ultimately, greater water quality and combating the scarcity of the resource is one of our foremost objectives in terms of contributing to the sustainable development of the regions in which we work.

In Campinas, Sanasa’s EPAR Capivari II water reclamation plant uses the GE ZeeWeed 500 ultrafiltration membrane bioreactor system, comprising a series of filters that create a physical barrier for the impurities (particles and microorganisms) contained in the wastewater from the sewer systems.

This filtration process produces 360 litres per second of 99% pure water for reuse in Campinas, which boasts the first plant in Latin America to use membrane bioreactor technology for large-scale treatment of municipal wastewater. The system is more compact and more robust than those normally used for the treatment of such water and it also significantly reduces the problem of foul odours.