BRINERECOVERY. MIT and Cadagua Meetings in Spain

Last April we held a face-to-face meeting in Spain with the MIT research team to continue planning the Seawater Desalination Brine Stream Byproduct Recovery and Valorization Options (BrineRecovery) project.

This project is within the circular economy scope, analysing the technical and economic feasibility of recovering and valorizing products resulting from the brine from desalination plants and which may be used in their operating (such as, for example, sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid).

Throughout this visit, follow-up meetings were held at the offices of Cadagua in Bilbao and Madrid, while also at the Valdelentisco Desalination Plant in Cartagena (Murcia), owned by Acuamed and managed by Cadagua.

Both Project follow-up meetings and sessions for brainstorming and exploring future collaboration opportunities were held at the offices in Cadagua Bilbao. Members of the R&D&I and Engineering departments of Cadagua actively participated in the latter objective.

Specific project management and follow-up sessions took place at the offices in Madrid.

Finally, there was a detailed technical visit to the IDAM Valdelentisco desalination plant, the premises foreseen for the implementation of the technological solution developed within the framework of this project. After the aforementioned visit, a closing meeting was held regarding the days spent together, in order to identify the conclusions to be implemented to reach Milestone 2 of the project while this is being carried out (process modelling).

The next face-to-face meeting (between Cadagua and the MIT) is expected to take place next October in Boston (USA).