Broadspectrum participates in the ground-breaking project to improve air quality


The Ferrovial Services’ Australian subsidiary created the VAM Abatement Safety Project with other Australian companies in the mining industry. The initiative seeks to reduce methane emissions from underground coal mining operations by 90%. This would result in a 3% reduction in Australia’s ecological footprint.

Broadspectrum is collaborating in this project with the University of Newcastle and the Australian government in order to develop and implement a ventilation air methane (VAM) abatement system. The initiative pursues a better understanding of the workplace risks posed by using these systems and their installation in mines.

FCC Aqualia central, Inodoro

The Australian company developed the pilot methane ventilation pipe at an industrial level. The preliminary data will help verify the system’s effectiveness. This project involved 186 workers from 44 different companies, who worked on the technology for 219 days without a single occupational accident.