Cadagua completed on time the works to increase energy saving in Valdelentisco SWRO plant

Within last month of August 2018 , Cadagua completed the commissioning of the new works for energy recovery in Valdelentisco SWRO, owned by ACUAMED. The scope of works was the replacement and refurbishment of the existing energy recovery devices , which implied to combine each pair the existing double stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) trains into a single stage-single RO train with a dedicated high pressure pump for each new RO train.

The major challenge in this project was the requirement of maintaining the plant in operation and production, for what the works were scheduled in four different stages, to minimize the shutdown of the plant, hence minimizing the production losses.

With this project, Valdelentisco SWRO plant has been provided with one of the higher efficiency systems, whose energy saving would range between 0,75 kw-h/m3 , as well as a better supplied water quality since achieves better Boron and Salinity reduction.

Besides the higher energy saving of this project will result in a higher environmental benefits due to carbon footprint reduction with this new systems.